Take almond milk to beat the cold in winter

You often love drinking turmeric milk and eating warm dishes in winter. Even taking this, you feel cold. Want to escape yourself from the severe cold in winter, take almond milk to feel the difference. Collect the ingredients and prepare almond milk to beat the cold in winter.

Time – 5-15 minutes,  Calorie – 180,  Meal type – Veg


  • 2-Cup milk
  • 5-6 almonds
  • 1-Spoon sugar
  • 2-3 Big spoons water


  • Take a pan and boil the water in it over a medium flame.
  • Mix the sugar and the milk in it when it starts boiling.
  • Make a paste of milk and almonds.
  • Add this paste to the milk and sugar boiling in the pain.
  • Off the gas/electric stove when there is boiling.
  • Pour out the milk into a glass and let it cool.
  • Take this almond milk half an hour before going to the bed.
  • This will keep you warm enough in winter.

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