Indulge in Regular Swimming to Bring Happiness

I am sure that most of you want to feel less grumpy, to have sound sleep at night and to feel more content. Your desires can get fulfilled if you make swimming your habit.

According to the study of the Brish Gas Swim Britain, a regular dip in local pound or swimming pool regularly makes you happier and healthier. Yes, it says the study in which the participants reported an increase of 35% confidence & happiness in a period of four weeks.

Website research states that a low impact sport acts as a tonic for daily life. It increases energy levels and improves the quality of sleep as well as fitness. You can have an increase of 20% in your overall well-being levels in just a week of regular swimming.

Becky Adlington (an Olympic Swimmer) says, “Swimming is obviously close to my heart and it’s my goal to help the nation rediscover their love of the water, so this research is really good news for the sport, and something I’ve always known anyway”.

Further, he says, “The fact that it has significant benefits both in body and mind is a great reason to get back in the pool and that’s why I am a big fan of British Gas SwimBritain, a fun relay challenge taking place this summer, which is encouraging as many people as possible to give themselves a swimming goal and see the benefits for themselves”.