How to escape from a gym injury during exercise

Do you go to a gym and do workouts there regularly? If yes, you know a workout injury can happen to any whatever his/her fitness level is or how experienced he/she is. Any mistakes can lead you to have injuries like a sprained ankle, shin splint, wrist sprain and shoulder injury. Stop searching how to escape from a gym injury and start following the tips mentioned below:

Do Warm-up and Cool-down

You should start your every exercise/workout at the gym with a warm-up session and end the workout with cool-down. Doing warm-up helps your body get ready for the workout. It enhances your heart rate and frees your joints and muscles. For a warm-up, you can ride an exercise bike, jump rope or walk slowly for 5-10 minutes. Talking about cool-down, walk for 5-10 minutes after your workout.

Do Stretching

You should stretch your body before and after your workout. Stretching increases flexibility in your body. Recent studies suggest that you should stretch your body just after a warm-up and cool-down session.

Ease into your workout

Start a new workout at the gym slowly if you are planning to start a new exercise/workout. Gradually, increase the intensity, duration and frequency.

Do cross training for you

Keep variations in your workouts. Avoid using one set of muscles. Repeating the same exercises/muscle movements can lead you repetitive use injuries like shin splints. You can bring variations in your workout by following the tips that are mentioned below:

  • Run on the first day
  • Swim/cycle on the 2nd day
  • Lift weight on the 3rd day

Know your troubles

Customize your workout plan targeting the problem area. For instance, you have joint pains. However, you want to build up strength. At first, see your doctor, get relaxed from the problem and thereafter start exercising.

Listen to your body

To escape from a gym injury, you need to listen to your body. Avoid following the philosophy No Pain, No Gain. Do workouts when you have no problem with your body. Do not push yourself to the point of pain. Stop working out as you feel pain and take rest for a day or more.

Recharge your body

Drink water, as you feel thrust. Take pre-workout meal before going to your gym. Take the diet that has all the required nutritional elements and helps you stay energized.

Put the right dress on

You should wear the proper gear for your workout. Wear the right pair of shoes if you are a runner. In brief, you should wear the dress that makes you feel comfortable while exercising at the gym.