8 Right ways to workout in winter

Edited & Updated – Winter is at its young age. I hope you would have made changes in your lifestyle to stay young, healthy and fit this winter too. If not, start taking workouts.  You know there is only one similarity in winter and workout. Both words begin with the letter w but this similarity ends soon as most of you find more comfort in staying indoor and being in the warm blankets in winter. This time, winter can be more brutal if you leave taking exercises. In order to help you stay young, healthy and fit, I here have mentioned 8 right ways of doing workouts in winter properly. Go ahead.

Dress properly

In winter, you need to be very careful about your getup. You should avoid putting multi-layer clothes up as they restrict you in making movements while exercising. Wear one thick layer of tight cloth for better movement and better insulation. Select the fabric like synthetic that will keep you dry & warm and won’t restrict you from making movements while doing workouts in winter. Don’t forget to put on a warm hat, gloves and socks.

Set a goal

Doing workout in winter is not easy as the days are very short and you make lots of excuses not to take exercises. Try to make a goal for the entire winter. Your goal should be measurable and achievable. For instance, if you can do running for 10 minutes, set a goal of running for 20 minutes by the end of the first month of the winter. You can easily measure and achieve it.

Do winter workouts outdoor

In my opinion, doing workouts in winter is better. It helps you burn more calories as your body has to work harder to maintain the temperature.

Keep yourself hydrated

Generally, people drink less water in winter. It is very easy for you to get hydrated. Drink adequate water before starting a workout. If you don’t drink water before taking exercises, carry a water bottle to hydrate yourself while doing workouts.

Have a company or make a group

Keep in mind that having a partner, a personal trainer or a group workout with is always beneficial. It will keep you motivated and enhance your effort level. You’ll be stick to your workout schedule and a better time while exercising outdoors. You can join a group fitness training class if you are unable to afford a personal trainer or you don’t have a workout buddy.

Have longer warm-ups    

In winter, your joints and muscles take a longer time to heat up. So, you can have higher risks of strains and sprains if you don’t do a longer warm-up session. Try to do the warm-up session for at least 10 to 15 minutes and don’t increase the intensity of workout in winter until you start sweating out.

Stretch and cool down

We cool down fast in winter and so, lots of people skip their stretching or cool down sessions. Keep it in your mind that cooldown is as essential in winter as it is in summer. This, cool down, ensures better recovery, reduces muscle soreness, helps you stay flexible and eliminates lactic acid from the body. An intense of a cool down will be walking for five minutes after a run of 2 kilometres.

Have an eye on your diet
Throughout the year, you should keep an eye on your diet. Yet, in winter, you need to take more care of it, as you stay indoors most of the time. This is the time when you take more fatty and sweet foods. So, it is very important for you to track your daily intake.