Use Some of Office Time for Your Health

Most of us have to spend 8-9 hours for sitting jobs in the office. It is an inactive lifestyle at work and affects our health a lot. Most of us run after time and don’t get enough time for the gym, exercises or Yoga. Taking a workout at work is the only option left to take care of health. You can use some of the office time for your health.

Working out will decrease your stress and keep you healthy, energized and focused along with an increase in your productivity. All of you need to take a break of a few minutes to take care of your health. If your work premises don’t have a gym, follow the tips mentioned below:

Make use of the mat 

Take a fold-able exercise mat to your office and keep it there. Use the exercise mat for carrying out basic exercises such as leg lifts, stomach crunches, and push-ups. Taking these exercises burns of carbohydrates and makes you refresh for the rest of the day.

Use the stairs

Ignore the elevator and use the stairs for climbing to your floor at work. Using the stairs is very easy and the best exercise for you during the day at work. It burns calories and boosts cardiovascular activity. Using stairs helps your heart get pumping, and as a result, you have an increase in blood circulation.

Stress Buster 

If you are a heavy keyboard user, you need to get into the habit of squeezing a stress ball. Its regular use makes the blood flowing in your body. Further, it enhances the strength of your joints and forearm. You start loving squeezing stress ball as it gives you fun.


Usually, all of you have 30-45 minutes of lunchtime at your work. After your lunch, you can use the rest time for walking within your office premises. A brisk walk of 10 minute helps you to fight with stress, enhances energy levels and aids in relaxation.

Throw your weight 

Keep small hand weights at your work station and lift them while doing other works like talking over the phone or having a tea break. You can stretch your body while sitting on your chair at work. Take a break from work for 10 minutes and do lifting exercises.