How to Stay Young

How To Stay Young And Fit At Work?

Oct 17, 2016
I know we all are familiar with the atmosphere at work. In the office, we have to face several challenges. We have to complete our work within the stipulated time-frame. Work stress, working late, chained to desk for a l
ways to stay young

How to Stay Young and Healthy

Oct 9, 2016
I think there would hardly be a person who wouldn’t want to stay young and healthy. It is as every one of us has a desire to live their life fullest. But most of you do nothing for staying young and healthy. I am here

9 Super natural ways to stay young

Oct 5, 2016
No one of us wants to get older and die soon. It is not possible to escape ourselves from getting older. But, it is possible to slow down our aging process. And slowing down the aging process can help you stay young for
Super Foods

How to make Sweet Potato Biscuits

October 18, 2016
Sweet potato, originally grown in America, has been used in India for more than 8000 years. Due to rich in fiber, it is used as fasting food in the Indian Sub-continent. As a superfood, it is good for your eyes

How to prepare Dhaniya Barfi

Oct 10, 2016 0
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How to prepare healthy and delicious sausage scramble

Oct 6, 2016 2 responses
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Take these three milkshakes for Instant Energy

Oct 3, 2016 2 responses
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10 healthy meals you can make on 15 minutes or less

Oct 2, 2016 0
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7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Knee Pain

Oct 19, 2016
Are you suffering from your knee pain? Is it hampering your daily schedule? If yes, it is sure you would have neglected minor pain or condition in your knee. You know it is the result of your changed lifestyle and unheal

Make these 5 habits to lose weight

Oct 11, 2016
Is weight loss your resolution for the remaining days of this year? Are you eager to lose your weight? If yes, you’ll have to be determined and stick to a routine. Still you are willing to shed a few pounds, here are f
lose weight without exercise

5 Ways to lose weight without taking exercise

Oct 7, 2016
Dieting and workout can assist you shed pounds. But if you have not much time to go gym or have any physical problem to take exercise than how will you lose your weight? There are so many ways to lose weight that needn
Life & Happiness

9 Simple ways to reduce stress in your own life

Oct 20, 2016
Today’s world is very competitive and we all race to be ahead in our own field. You know this leads us to have lack of time and sometimes we get no time even for our personal daily works. This busy life takes you in th

5 Innovative Ways to Bring Happiness in Your Life

Oct 8, 2016
There are times when you feel low and unhappy. Recent studies have shown that the people who are happy are also healthier. At Stay Young, we are dedicated to keeping you stay young and happy. So, we have mentioned here

4 Tips To Raise A Happy Child

Oct 4, 2016
These days parents are very conscious about their kids. They always look for the ways to keep their kids happy and healthy. And hence, they conduct search on how to raise a happy kid on the Internet. For the parents like